Graceful sway, royal appearance, and a special kind of attitude that makes her everyone’s first desire – if this is just how you dress, the wedding season must be your favourite. Though we know you are queen of style, we have a little something you would love for this wedding season, because it’s your wedding you need to look perfect.

So here are 5 top tips for this wedding season to add to your charm.

Wear a unique colour

Ditch red for once. Wear a bright orange, an intense bottle green, a totally royal blue, or a very majestic magenta, or just a pastel green with pink. These colours are not just different than the old school red, you will also be a super cool bride wearing them!


Select a soft inner lining in your lehenga

No matter how much you say you’re ready to take all pains to wear your dream wedding dress, trust us you’d not want a piercing embroidery on your underarms for 5-6 hours. So the idea is to always check your lehenga for a comfortable inner material, so that your D-day isn’t a nightmare.

Pay attention to that dupatta

We all give the most value to the lehenga skirt, but if you think practically, your skirt is the least visible part in any lehenga. The most visible one is your dupatta. So always choose the perfect dupatta and value it, because that’s what is going to make or break your whole look!

Accessorise right

First things first, always select your lehenga before going for the jewellery. Because once you’re all set with what you’re wearing on the day, you can simply match the jewellery designs with it. For instance, if your lehenga has a kundan design, a kundan set will go so well with it!

Go for minimal makeup

Yes. We know it is your biggest day and you want to do all it takes for you to look better than anyone at your wedding. But we’d suggest you just let your dress do the talking, and wear minimal makeup. Take it from us, you’re beautiful, and your own sweet natural charm will look best with any dress. 🙂

Now that you are ready to stun the world with your bridal charms, why not share your bridal photos in the comments! Have a happy wedding shopping! 🙂

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