Wedding edition: Hard to choose between saree, suits, and lehengas? Here is your guide to choose the perfect outfit.

Indian weddings are nothing short of a festival. With extensive decorations, colorful outfits, elaborate rituals, blaring music and boisterous dance performances, Indian weddings combine grandeur, tradition, style and magnificence all rolled in a single event. You surely wouldn’t want to miss it, if you ever receive an invitation for one. But so many rituals can leave you baffled for choice on what to wear, while remaining classy and chic. Well, here’s how you can choose a perfect ensemble for each wedding event.

Saree is a classic wedding look which no one can go wrong with. An embellished or a heavy border saree is perfect for a Wedding as it exudes opulence as well as a grace, whereas a light-weight shimmery net or organza sarees can be perfect for a night reception. If needed, one can either underplay or highlight a saree with right accessories to ensure a fitting look for the event depending on the closeness to the host family. A simple gota work lehenga too looks regal for a close family wedding.

You may want to let your hair down during Sangeet, grooving to the beat like no one is watching. Lehengas are just apt for such fun celebrations. Modern lehengas look regal and are easy-to-manage. No need for you to worry about someone accidently stepping on saree and it coming undone during an elaborate dance performance. Plus, lehengas are versatile. You can pick a heavy lehenga for a cousins wedding or a simple printed one for a friend’s sangeet out-of-town.

You definitely do not want to miss the Baarat procession on account of choosing wrong attire. Imagine wearing a saree on such crowded dance floor where everyone is gyrating to the Punjabi tunes and Bollywood hits without a care in the world, and you are forced to mind your saree rather than have fun. A lightweight lehenga or long beaded kurti with pencil pants are smart choice for a lively event like Baarat. If you are still compelled to wear a more traditional look, pep-it-up with a modern Dhoti-saree look for a more practical outfit.

For some rituals like Haldi and Mehendi, that tend to get messy, you need to opt for something smart as well as suitable for the occasion. A colourful embroidered long kurta with palazzo pant presents a striking, chic and yet a practical look.

If you are attending an outstation wedding, a salwar suit can be your go-to wear for getting ready quickly for back-to-back scheduled events. A-line Anarkalis render a remarkably dignified look across ages. The suits can be heavily embellished or even a simple one depending upon your taste and the event. You can also spice up the outfit by choosing a Patiala bottom or colourful Phulkari Dupatta to go along.

Whatever look you opt for, the key for a perfect wedding outfit is choosing one that is practical yet matches the grandness of each occasion.

Creativity At Its Best – Here Are 8 Ways To Change The Way You Wear Kurtis

Every ethnic fashion lover has many kurtis in their wardrobe, and the biggest concern that comes with this huge collection of kurtis is – “What can I do to look different while wearing these kurtis?” And the answer isn’t that simple. However, we have made this task easier for you! We have made a list of different creative ways you can wear the same old kurta, and stand out from the crowd.

Check these out and make your boring old kurtis a tad more interesting:

1. Add a contrast shade long jacket on that basic solid colour kurti.

2. Wear your basic kurti with chequered palazzos to give it a twist. It’s not even necessary to match the colours!

3. Give your printed tunic a Rajasthani look using a cotton printed jacket over it.

4. A black short jacket on your bright kurtis would give it a new look altogether!

5. Throw in a generic coloured dhoti to your wardrobe, which looks good on most kurtis.

6. A designer over coat for your basic kurta can do wonders to your look. Throw in a stylish belt to crack the look.

7. You can also try wearing a see-through full sleeve kurta over a bright kurta. Have a look at how this can work.

8. Last but not the least, a nice dupatta can add a lot of glamour to even the simplest of kurtis.

How about adding some more charm to your favourite kurtis by wearing them in a different way! Share your style secrets with us in the comments. Have fun wearing those kurtis then! 🙂

8 Contemporary Kurti Styles For The Woman Who Races Against The clock

We know you must have a proud collection of amazing kurtis that includes something nice for every occasion. But for someone who takes care of everything, for a modern woman on-the-go, the one simple question called ‘what do I wear today’ brings great difficulty. So here are 8 contemporary styles of kurtis that we suggest for every woman.

These 8 types of kurtis will sort your ‘what to wear’ confusion for a long time.

This Grey tunic, because it’s not black, not white, but grey for you

Hasn’t grey got a special place in your heart and wardrobe? This grey BeDESI tunic will be perfect to fill up that spot. The yellow gradient shade gives it a different kind of charm.

This one for the day you’re in a flowery mood

With bright lavender flowers on the smooth cream colour, this kurti will be perfect for a day out or just a casual one in the office.

This Magenta & Black one for your weekends

One must always have atleast one kurti with a bright and bold blend of two extreme colours like this black and magenta one. The best thing about such combinations is that they can work on any occasion including casual office parties to even meetings!

This ultimate touch of royalty to your wardrobe

Though you may not essentially call such designs ‘kurtis’, it is a must-have in your collection as they work in almost every way, as a dress, as a tunic, and as a kurti. Just take care of one thing while buying it, brighter the colour, more royal the look.

This Suave Black And White Kurti because abstract is good

Slay the game of abstract prints with this urbane black kurti with geometric pattern in grey and red. All in all, this kurti will pass on clear swag message coated in subtlety.

This light, classy kurti for your simple self

We all have those days when nothing else other than simplicity works. Always keep that one simple, easy to manage kurti in your wardrobe that you can carry off well almost everywhere.

This navy-blue chanderi tunic for an ethnic yet modern look

Keep this one for traditional occasions like pooja, or fun times like kitty party. Throw in pair of cool shades for the perfecting touch.

This one with the dupatta, because sometimes basics are the best

What would be better than going back to the basics with this plain cream kurti. The best thing about the kurti is its beautifully created dupatta with intricate cool blue design. I wouldn’t take a minute longer to get it!

How many of these do you have in your collection? Share with us your wardrobe tips in the comments.