Make More Shopping Your 2019 Resolution!

One cannot step into his New Year without having a resolution. This New Year, Neeru’s gives you a resolution you will never want to break. Will you ever mind making more shopping your 2019 resolution? We are sure you will never say never. This New Year Neeru’s presents to you outfits that can help you accomplish your 2019 resolution.

This beautifully designed Shimmery Gray Saree is an add on to your festive wardrobe. They might miss out on it but you surely cannot miss out on something that’s woven for you.

Neeru’s ready to wear collection captures everyone’s eyes wanting for more. This Onion color netted suit Anarkali is a must have outfit to your fashionista dreams.

It’s the stylish gowns that are doing the talking in the town. Buy this gorgeous Yellow Georgette Gown embellished with detail bead work is getting it right of setting you free from the question of what to wear for the party.

We cannot skip out on Kids and their fashion. Neeru’s crafts every outfit with finesse and so goes with this Little Neeru’s Green Ghagra. This outfit is florally embroidered to make your child’s occasion just as beautiful as it can.

Neeru’s also has something for those who are prepping at being the Man of her dreams. This unique blue and black suit is drawing attention from every lady next door. To all the men out there, choose from Neeru’s because the best is sent your way.

This is not it. Check our versatile Indian Fusion collection here. Happy Shopping!

Looking For The ‘Any Moment Attire’? Find Here!

Tis the season to feel happy, dress your best with Neeru’s. Be it the Christmas bash or your New Year’s ball or the dear friend’s wedding, Neeru’s has your attire fixed. Watch closely the amazing Men’s collection from Neeru’s!

You are not royally dressed without Neeru’s. Wear this royally embellished attire and steal the show.

Not all that buys you happiness is non-financial. Choose this attire to buy yourself financial happiness!

Be the man of your mirror image by choosing your favourite from Neeru’s finest collection.

Not everything has a happy ending, but shopping at Neeru’s is an exception. Why wait? Shop now!

From Kurtas To Suits, Here’s Everything Fashion Savvy Men Need To Own From Neeru’s Latest Collection

The wedding season is here and all you have all season long is wedding invitations. The biggest thing other than making the decision of going to someone’s wedding is to decide the dresses you will wear for the wedding functions. This decision becomes even more intriguing when it’s about dressing up being a male. However, you have nothing to worry about when we are here to help you.

Neeru’s has come up with an entire new range of ethnics in their latest collection on the website. Here are just a few of them that you must try this wedding season:

1. Include this Dark Gray Linen Koti-Styled Waistcoat in your ethnic collection and wear it with a pair of handsome trousers.

2. In the mood for something traditional? Go for the Orange Bracket Fabric Indo-Western Set that will unfailingly make any girl in that wedding party fall for you!

3. If you’re looking for something contemporary that also looks classy as anything, this Blue & White Teri Wool and Katan silk Fabric Indo-Western Set is your best bet.

4. Try this Pink & Beige King Khan And Rawsilk Fabric Indo-Western Set for the next ethnic themed party, and you’ll be the centre of all attention!

5. If you prefer simplicity and light colours to bright and heavy designs, this Yellow Cotton and Katan Silk Kurta Pyjama Set is what you’re looking for!

6. Get this Blue & Beige King Khan and Rawsilk Fabric Indo-Western Set for a royal blue and gold look at your friend’s wedding. The dhoti pants give that much wanted indian touch to the attire.

7. This Green Teri Wool And Katan Silk Indo-Western Set would be great for someone who loves to wear light colours and yet make an impact. The koti style design is something that instantly catches the eye.

8. Looking for a simple kurta that you can wear to any party or family function without having to look too ‘dressed up’? We’ve got just what you’re looking for – this Maroon Bracket And Raw Silk Kurta Pyjama Set.

9. This Bright Red Linen Koti-Styled Waistcoat will give you that essential vibe of classic Indian wear and contemporary fashion.

So, by now you must have come up with decisions on what to wear for the sangeet, haldi, cocktails, and the reception. Share with us your wedding season look in the comments section with photos. Have a happy shopping experience with your favourite wedding shopping destination, Neeru’s.

This Spring, Make Dressing Up A Tad More Dreamy; Here’s How You Cute Couples Can Colour-Coordinate

We all love dressing up, especially when it comes to dressing up for a party or a wedding. But it’s not an easy job to select the perfect outfit for every occasion every time, especially when you’re a little bored.

But you don’t need to worry, as we have taken the responsibility to make your dressing up a little more exciting! How about wearing colour-coordinated attire with your beau to the next party? Here are some nice ideas you could make use of:

When he’s slaying that ethnic themed party with maroon and gold, she’s bound to kill them all with her version of it!

Try coordinating the style with this wine colour Jodhpuri suit and this wine colour evening gown.

Give every other couple dressing up goals with this stylishly coordinated look of the lovebirds.

No couple can look more coordinated than you two wearing this combination of this royal sherwani and its best match, the orange banarasi silk saree.

Shiny her, shiny him. The charm of this coordination of gold and bronze will win you accolades at any party you walk in to.

Buy each other these lovely colour coordinated gifts this birthday or anniversary, and love your pairing a little more with Neeru’s. Share with us your experience of going couply with our latest collection!

Nothing Suits A Man Like A Well-Tailored Suit; 7 Suits You Need To Make Yours, So Suit Up!

A well-tailored suit is to men what a perfect LBD is to women! It’s not just about donning the suit, everything about wearing a suit is special. Right from the length of the sleeves and the number of tucks in the trousers, to the colour of the shirt and the shape of the collar, there is so much that goes into making that perfect suit.

Here are 7 perfect suits that will make you look like the handsome hunk that you are.

A Blue Jodhpuri suit with Maroon flare, because Royalty is your thing! Add to it Jodhpuri Jutti and you’ll kill it with your look alone.

Get this Black Suit for a Sangeet, for who knows when you might turn lucky!

Forget the boring old suit colours, because this Clay Creek Suit is the new boss of all suits!

This Brown Suit with Subtle Self Print is something you would love to wear to a party. Black Suede shoes would go like magic with this one.

A Deep Blue Jodhpuri Suit is essential to do Jodhpurify your look.

Wear this Black Self-Print Suit for a cocktail party or a dinner date and become that handsome guy every girl turns back to look at!

Show the magic of your majesty with this Wine Colour Jodhpuri Suit. Wear it with matching Suede Footwear and a little swag.

Wear these when you want to rock a party, slay a wedding, or just want to show off your suits a bit. Share with us your best suit pictures in comments; we’d love to have a look!

7 Sherwanis For Men That Will Make Them Look Like Royalty

The wedding season is on, and whenever we talk about weddings, the first thing that comes to our mind is “What am I going to wear?” True, right? While there are many options for women, it is a very difficult task for men to decide what to wear, as they have limited number of options. But we are here to make your life easier!

Here’s listing down 7 Sherwanis from the house of Neeru’s that will make you look like royalty at any wedding, cocktail, or sangeet:

1. Neeru’s Maroon & Gold Colour Koti Set

Who said gold and maroon is just for girls? This gold sherwani with maroon koti will make you stand out at any occasion! The fall in the kurta will make a very impressive appeal!

2. Neeru’s Blue Colour Sherwani

Look your finest with this Blue sherwani flaunting golden work. It comes with intricate embroidery and buta work all over the collar, cuffs and bottom, which adds to the glam. Pair this outfit with golden mojris and look royal.

3. Neeru’s Gold Colour Sherwani

If you are looking for the perfect sherwani for the groom, your search stops here! Look your ethnic best wearing this gold sherwani. It features intricate embroidery work with a beautiful design all over the attire.

4. Neeru’S Gold & Pink Colour Sherwani

If you are bored of your regular straight cut sherwani, this is a piece that will definitely interest you. The kurta comes with a good flair and a golden jacket. Sounds interesting, right?

5. Cream Sherwani In Banarasi Silk With Pintucks Sequence Buttons

Looking for something that is simple yet Royal? This cream coloured sherwani in banarasi silk is the answer to your search. Look like royalty when you wear this sherwani. Oh wait, did we tell you? You’ll be getting a lot of compliments for this one.

6. Gold Sherwani In Pure Banarasi Meena Work

Sometimes just gold can get a little boring. How about we add some colour to it? This multi-coloured kurta and gold salwar set is the perfect attire for your best friend’s wedding!

7. Neeru’s Menz Cream and Maroon Sherwani

If you are looking for something that is light yet classy, this sherwani is just what you are looking for! This white and Maroon sherwani will make you stand out from the crowd.

We hope we have helped you with our list of sherwanis. If you have any more sherwanis from Neeru’s that we might have missed, do let us know!

Share with us some photos of the handsome you showing off your Neeru’s sherwani at a party!

7 Handsome Outfits For The Bridegroom To Make The Pre-Wedding Shoot Memorable

When it comes to weddings, it is usually more about the bride and the groom’s look, the makeup, and their dresses. But the biggest thing that we miss is the pre-wedding shoot! Being a guy, you must be ready just with your main wedding outfit, the sherwani, and may be a suit or two for the other events. But are you ready for the pre-wedding shoot? We know you’re confused, so here are some amazing options for you for that big day, the pre-wedding shoot:

1. This amazing beige sherwani with mandarin collar for the handsome hunk who loves outdoors.

2. A royal cream sherwani with a touch of gold and pink all over for the king of her life.

3. If you’re doing the pre-wedding shoot at a palace, this aqua colour sherwani will do total justice to the location.

4. Wear this Imperial looking blue and gold kurta with black mojari to look like a king for your would-be queen!

5. If you’re a lover of simplicity, this gold and cream suit will be perfect for that day.

6. Black suits your handsome self like nothing else. Wear this suit to be irresistible as you are on your pre-wedding video shoot day.

7. As bold as you, this bright red Indo-western jacket will look amazing for an outdoor shoot with a gold or bronze dhoti.

Now that we have it all sorted for your pre-wedding shoot, when are you heading to your nearest Neeru’s store to shop for your favourite one out of these! Share your amazing shoot pictures and experiences with us in the comments.

Be The Groom Every Bride Wants With These Infallible Wedding Fashion Tips For The Groom

The wedding fashion changes every year, and as easy as it is for the girls to make wardrobe designs, it is harder for the men. So we thought it is high time we step up to help you look as dashing as your bride looks on your wedding day.

So here are some tips you will never get from your dad for your wedding that will make all your efforts worth it, and all cameras your fan!

Find a handsome and matching outfit

Choose an outfit that matches your bride’s outfit. Now here, matching is not always necessarily totally matching everything. You may just match your turban or maybe stole with her dress.

Practice makes the groom perfect

If you have a stole with your sherwani, wear it once or twice before the actual day so that you get used to handle it. You don’t want to be uncomfortable and distracted all the time on your wedding day trying to manage the stole.

Put your best shoe forward

The best way to match the footwear would be to wear contrasting shoes. For instance, if you’re wearing a cream and gold ethnic kurta, wear a contrasting gold ethnic mojri and see how it brilliantly completes the look.

Enhance your comfort with a soft cotton shirt inside the Sherwani

The cotton shirt will provide a lining under the dress and add a soft layer, so that the sherwani doesn’t irritate the skin and cause no rashes even if worn for hours. Make sure the shirt fits you well and not too loose, or it can ruin your sherwani’s look.

Groom the beard before becoming the ‘groom’

If you have a moustache and/or beard, groom it well for the wedding day, it can make or break your look. Use good quality moustache wax and beard oils and it will definitely enhance your look.

Complete the majestic look with the wedding turban

A matching and royal turban makes you look completely different and more kingly. Most Indian ethnics can be paired with nice matching turbans. Plus, many other people may also wear kurtas in your wedding, so the turban makes the groom look unique. 🙂

Do you have any other wardrobe questions in mind? Ask in the comments to get expert replies to all your queries. Have a happy wedding! 🙂